Pierre School District #32-2
Pierre, South Dakota 57501
Jefferson Elementary School

Jefferson Elementary is a neighborhood school, one of five public elementary schools in the Pierre School District. It is located in the northwestern area of Pierre, the capital city of South Dakota. It began as a small, single section, grades 1-5 elementary school in the late 1950’s during the construction phase of the Oahe Dam. The school underwent major remodeling in 1986 when the addition of a full gymnasium, 21 classrooms, a library, computer lab, office complex and other support rooms were completed. It now accommodates three sections of each K-5 classroom complemented by a full range of Special Education services. Jefferson receives Title I funding to provide reading support for targeted students and has implemented a successful after-school program as an intervention strategy for students who need a boost with their learning goals.

Jefferson School has a current student population of 400 students in grades K-5 with an additional 35 students attending Special Education Early Childhood sessions each day. The average class size is 21 students and the student body has a 96% attendance rate.  Students at Jefferson have consistently done well on standardized tests and efforts to address the needs of each subgroup (of students) are intended to raise all levels of proficiency.

The Jefferson School staff is committed to the challenge of meeting a variety of student needs. We make efforts to offer an "Open Door" to the families and our community as partners to reach high expectations and worthy goals for our students. We rely on parent input and support and will work diligently to earn the trust needed to create a productive partnership. A priority for us is to create the best possible teaching and learning environment for our students and to afford optimal opportunities for their success and development.

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