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Georgia Morse Middle School
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GMMS Administration

Georgia Morse Middle School is the home to Pierre’s sixth through eighth grade students.  The middle school approach used allows for a smaller community feel within the school of 700+.  Each grade level is broken down into two core teams of 100+ students; current teams are Village and Copperhead (6th), Summit and Riverview (7th), and Abbey and Roosevelt (8th). The team aspect provides a better support system for the needs of adolescent students, academically, socially, and emotionally.  Core teams consist of the Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies teachers that closely monitor student academic progress.  Each core team has weekly meetings that allow for collaborative discussion regarding the common 100+ students that they teach.  Each core team sends a parent email weekly to keep parents informed on team and school happenings along with a “week at a glance” schedule.    

GMMS understands that the adolescent age is one of trials and challenges, ups and downs.  We strive to help all of our students be successful in all areas of life. There are opportunities for our students to be challenged along with multiple interventions for those that need more support to be academically successful.  The school has adopted a Professional Learning Community approach in order to ensure that all students master the essential standards in each content area. 

Schedules for 6th and 7th grade students include yearlong PE and Health.  Encore classes for sixth graders include Computers, STEAM, Art, Music, Life skills and (optional) band.  Seventh grade encore classes include Family and Consumer Science, STEAM, Art, Writing, and Computers.  Chorus and Band are also offered in 7th and 8th grade. Eighth graders choose their encore classes.  GMMS utilizes technology to enhance the instruction and learning activities in the classroom.  All GMMS students are assigned a Chromebook to use throughout the school year.  Google Classroom is the platform used by teachers and students.

Two counselors serve the three grade levels and support student leadership, character education, and citizenship.  Student involvement is highly encouraged; opportunities include youth leadership activities, sports, yearbook, acalympics, inclusion activities, and the school musical.  The school has both their school web page and a Facebook page to keep parents informed on the happenings at GMMS.  We strive to create a positive climate and culture at GMMS that emphasizes meaningful relationships with our students in safe and engaging classrooms that both support and challenge our students.  GMMS has adopted the Gov Way (Be kind.  Follow directions/instructions the first time.  Put forth your best effort.)  

Kyley Cumbow
Principal, Georgia Morse Middle School

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